StoryScreen helps individuals and businesses tell their stories. On screen.

Stories are human. They connect us. When I hear your story I understand you, and it becomes my story too. However at no time in history have we processed so many stories: news, tweets, reels, socials and streams… All in our hands 24/7. To cut through and connect, it matters how well we tell our stories.

StoryScreen combines videography with on-screen coaching. We use our wealth of experience in acting, directing, coaching and communications to ensure the visual storytelling and the human storytelling reach through the screen. Our ‘person first’ video service offers everything you need to make engaging video content that communicates what’s special about you and your team. We’ll provide:

  • the critical eye to help shape your ideas into a coherent narrative,
  • the coaching to deliver a natural, authentic, engaging presentation
  • and the creative knowhow and technical ability to tie it all together in great video.
We help your business to tell its story effectively, be confident in your message, and connect with your audience.


Great video brings your story to life. It humanises your business, offers an unparalleled insight into your brand and communicates ideas instantly and effectively. It’s an essential component of any modern marketing strategy.

Professional, high-quality video content helps you stand out from the crowd, showcase your thought leadership and build trust and loyalty with your clients.

We take the time to understand your business, and your needs, in order to create impactful visual storytelling. We’ll ensure it’s all on brand, communicates your personality and keeps the viewer engaged. Most of all it will do two things: look good and tell your story.


People buy from people. Video expands your audience but it’s you – and your performance on screen – that connects with them.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve been just plonked in front of the camera, or knowing there’s a video out there in which you’re not proud of how you come across. We think the best way to support ‘person first’ businesses is with ‘person first’ video.

Our background in acting and directing means we’re just as focussed on our client in front of the camera as we are on the work behind it. We provide one-to-one coaching and rehearsal leading up to filming, to ensure you are relaxed and confident on camera, so your audience connects with you at your authentic, engaging best.


Many business leaders understand the value and power of video but don’t know where to start. It’s natural to struggle with getting your story across concisely and coherently; when you’re this close to something, it can be tough deciding what to let go and what to keep. Our service involves distilling complex ideas into a clear narrative, collaborating.

Video content takes many forms – bite-sized snippets for social media, in-depth documentary style short films, welcome videos for websites and more. Which is the best for the story you need to tell? We’ll consult with you to understand the strategy behind your video content – whether that’s identifying your audience, nailing the messaging or choosing the right platforms.

We can even work with you to plan your video strategy long term. This allows us to efficiently bulk shoot content according to your plan, providing you with quality monthly content that builds over time to achieve your goals.

The Lean Rebalance

An introduction to an online nutrition plan.

One Keltbray

An event video for a large Construction firm

Rebecca Downie Photography

Website Intro Video for Brand Photographer Rebecca

Fit For Moore

A new website video for Life Coach and Personal Trainer Lisa

University of Sussex - Parenting with Anxiety Study

A promotional video for Professor Sam Cartwight-Hatton's study into Parental Anxiety.

Elizabeth Ockford

A series of videos for this luxury wallpaper brand showcasing each of their new range and giving a glimpse of how the artist created them.

Rebecca Downie Photography

A behind the scenes style video capturing what it's like on a brand photography shoot

Peat Free April

An environmental campaign video with Professor Dave Goulson.

We tailor our approach to the story you have to tell

About Us Video

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Professional relationships are built on trust, and in many service industries, clients aren’t buying your work, they’re buying you. Video is the best medium for creating a personal, authentic and immediate connection with your audience. Whether it’s for your website, LinkedIn cover video or elsewhere, we’ll create a lean, unique and personal welcome, sharing your mission, your values and your personality.


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Video testimonials let your satisfied customers do the talking for you. There’s nothing more effective and persuasive than letting your prospective clients hear directly from your happy ones. We’ll capture their stories, and their feelings, onscreen.

E-Learning Content

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With our extensive background in higher education and presentation skills, we specialise in E-Learning content. From tutorial videos as part of a sales funnel, to integrated online platforms chocked full of onscreen introductions, we’ll coach delivery and create content that will keep your learners engaged.

Branded Content

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Branded Content is video that has value and meaning for your audience. Rather than simply an ad selling your product or services, this is your opportunity to create something that resonates more deeply, in which the underlying values of your brand are shared with the viewer. Whether documentary or narrative style, we can create content that’s engaging, entertaining and shareable, creating more meaningful relationships with your audience.

Case Studies

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Marketing can be a challenge when your customers don’t really understand the details of what you do. Sometimes the easiest way to explain is just to show it in action! Using previous work or examples, we’ll pick out the story and put together an engaging video illustrating how you work and how you benefit your clients.

Conference Presentations

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Whether purely online, hybrid or in person, we’ll help you hone your delivery, and strengthen your storytelling onscreen and off. We can shift your presentation style from technical experts to a team with the vision and clarity to make things happen. We can both create the visuals and energise your performance to win over your audience.

Social media videos

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Professional video content to up your social media game. We can brainstorm and make social video to help you build followers and keep them engaged. Content packages can be planned and shot in advance, optimised for the platforms of you choice, then scheduled months ahead to keep you at the forefront of your audience’s minds.

Fund raising films

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A short video showcasing your concept, and your team, is a fundamental step to investment, and to scaling up. Our service involves distilling complex ideas into a clear narrative and giving your authentic personality the space to come through in a professional video presentation. Start telling the world about your idea and the brilliant people behind it.

Pre-Recorded Keynotes

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As a business leader, chances are that you’re confident about engaging with people face to face. But keynote speeches and video conferences involve a whole new set of skills. The most capable and confident speakers in the world can suddenly seem stiff and uninspiring behind the lectern or through a screen. If you want to capture and hold the room’s attention or stand out through the Zoom fatigue, we’re here to help. Consider StoryScreen your secret weapon to help you tell a compelling story and showcase your authentic self.

Our process…

We work with you every step of the way, from identifying your story, refining your script and finessing your delivery to shooting and editing quality content. Here are the four stages of our process

I have given many talks and lectures over the years but as a result of this process I am now wishing that I had met Dan Ford much earlier in my career! He gently reminded me of what I already know in terms of keeping it simple and focused, and also helped me think about story-telling, ‘hooks’, emphasis and stagecraft. So, all in all, a great learning experience for me, and most importantly, the feedback has been positive too.

Prof. Tim Humphrey


We recently booked StoryScreen to create an explainer video for one of our clients in the health and wellness space. Dan delivered way beyond our expectations, creating a beautifully shot video without needing to hire a shoot location. It perfectly showcases the excellent things about our client's business. She's quite shy, but Dan worked very hard to get her prepared for the shoot and coached her on the day so that her nerves don't come across in the film and she was able to verbalise her messaging perfectly. It's a really valuable sales tool for her business, created with a minimum of fuss. Book him, it's a no-brainer.

Pip Evan-Cook


We used Dan to film a short video to promote a mental health study. It had to be short and snappy, yet sensitively done as it covered some quite emotional material. I’ve done bits of filming like this before with various people, some very experienced, and they weren't a patch on Dan. He is so great at directing, not just filming. He coaxed engaging performances and then edited them into a warm and appealing yet short and punchy video. He is a magician! Lovely to work with too and turned the whole thing round in lighting quick time. 

Sam Cartwright-Hatton


Dan at Storyscreen could not have been better. An amazing, relaxed guy to work with, who worked so hard to get the absolute best out of me in the shoot - and to get the most effective and ‘on brand’ video for my business. He made being in front of the camera fun rather than daunting, which is what I was nervous of. I really enjoyed our shoot day! The finished video is EXACTLY what I wanted, and that’s down to Dan’s brilliance at what he does, his professionalism and his tenacity to get everything just right. His service is brilliant value, efficient, professional and the result is astoundingly good. I can’t recommend him more highly.

Katie Weir


The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Many saw the true essence of my project and were genuinely excited by its potential. This success is partly due to your exceptional skills in helping me bring out the story. Working with you has been an absolute pleasure. I genuinely hope that another opportunity will come for me to learn from you.

Dr Mahmoud Maina


We worked with StoryScreen to create video content for our digital platform. From the start, Dan was easy to work with and went above and beyond in terms of offering input and expertise to guide us to the best possible result. On the shoot, Dan was in control and offered constant constructive feedback to get us what we needed. When we faced issues with our locations, Dan was on the front foot with finding solutions. I would recommend Dan to anyone!

Leann Hayes


Dan worked with us to create a impactful video to promote our research trial. His understanding of performance and his thoughtful and creative approach led to really natural-feeling and engaging footage. He took time to understand what we wanted to say and who we wanted to connect with and created something which surpassed our expectations. I cannot recommend Dan and his work highly enough.

Dr Abby Dunn


Speaking to camera is where Dan really sets himself a part from other videographers. His background in acting and teaching acting is an incredible asset. His gentle guidance and direction on speed, level, intonation means I have a slick and professional video that goes far beyond what I could have hoped for. I can’t wait to share with my audience! You can feel confident that with Dan you are in a really safe pair of hands. He is supportive and you immediately feel comfortable in his presence. He has a real calming influence. The feedback has been immense, and the comments from clients were exactly what I wanted: ‘after seeing this I’d book with you’.

Rebecca Downie


Dan was a great addition to the O creative team to deliver a complex client brief. He is well organised and made a point of ensuring that everyone being filmed felt comfortable before and during the shoot. The final footage was completely on brand and more importantly brought out the real characters and emotion of everyone who was part of the project.

Lauren Regan


Dan and I worked together on a series of stills and short videos about my new wallpaper collection. It was such fun filming with him- a totally collaborative process, with Dan using all his acting skills and experience to get me at ease, and to get the best out of me on film. I was really pleased with the end results- it gave me a wonderful library of images and videos to draw on for quite some time.

Elizabeth Ockford


Dan Ford

Creative Director

Before StoryScreen, he trained and worked as an actor for 10 years, across stage, screen and radio, from West End productions with Hollywood stars to intimate storytelling in yurts, royal palaces and, one time, a Volvo Estate. 

He spent another 10 years teaching acting and lecturing in drama at universities and drama schools, sharing the techniques he learned to help students go on to work for the likes of the RSC, the BBC, Sky and Channel 4.

His long held passion for filmmaking and his life of performance and coaching give him a unique skillset with both cameras and the people in front of them. 

Anna Ford

Communications Director

An expert PR strategist and copywriter, Anna helps clients to find their story and craft their key messages.

She has run media teams at University of Sussex and the London School of Economics.

Anna also runs Curiosity Communications, a specialist science and sustainability comms agency with a passion for environmental storytelling.


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